Team Outlook Primer

MLBoutlook is designed to evaluate players based on their fantasy potential while also providing analysis about the other nuances of the game (defense, speed, etc). Every MLBoutlook ranking and projection is based off of past performance, video footage of a prospect in action, detailed scouting reports, a player’s age, and a player’s existing contract situation.

This primer provides an explanation behind every rating, ranking, and frequently asked questions about the team outlooks:

Overview Rankings:

'Present Rank' is essentially a 2016 Power Rankings updated on a weekly basis (every Sunday).

'Future Rank' is a Power Rankings of the team's roster based on 2019 projections with the roster currently in place for that year. 

Position Rankings: 

'Present Rank': Rank of team's starting player(s) in 2016 based on oWAR for hitters and WAR for pitchers

'Future Rank': Rank of team's starting player(s) based on 2019 projections considering current contract situations. *Players not under contract/team control after 2018 are not considered. 

Future Outlook/Fantasy Rankings Chart Info

'Money Owed': How much guaranteed money the team owes a certain player at the beginning of the 2016 season. *Options are only assumed to be exercised if the option is within the next four years and the player's production warrants a much higher salary than the value of the option. 

'Prospect Rank (BA)': The most recent prospect rankings for each player according to Baseball America. 

'NOW' rating is on a (F to A+) scale. These ratings evaluate a players' 2016 offensive production based on a weighted formula (including H, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, R, SB, BB, SO) on a per AB basis. Hitters must register at least 80 Major League AB's in 2016 to be eligible for a 'NOW' rating. These ratings evaluate a pitchers' 2016 performance based on a separate weighted formula (W-L, ER, SO, BB, and H) on a per IP basis. Pitchers must register at least 35 Major League IP to be eligible for a 'NOW' rating.

'Potential' rating is on a (F to A+) scale. These ratings evaluate a players' realistic offensive/pitching ceiling in any season after 2016 based on the same weighted formulas previously mentioned. A player must be in line to be the team's starter in at least one of the next four years or have the skill-set to be a starting caliber player by 2020. 


Breakdown of the grades: